Pre / Post Care Instructions

Pre-Care Instructions

Blood thinners will cause bleeding, swelling, hypersensitivity and slows healing.

Day of Appointment – Avoid caffeinated soda / energy drinks / coffee / tea / chocolate.
Day of Appointment – Avoid exercise and massage (circulates blood).
24 hours prior to Appt – Avoid Aspirin or ibuprofen.
1 Week prior to Appt – Avoid fish oil vitamin E (natural blood thinner).
2 Weeks prior to Appt – Avoid exfoliation and anti-aging or acne treatments on area, peel (may thin the skin).

24 Hours prior to Appt – Do not drink alcohol.
3 Days prior to Appt – Do not wax or tint.
2 Weeks prior to Appt – Do not tan or have a sun burned face.
2 Weeks prior to Appt – Do not pick, tweeze, perform electrolisis.
2 Weeks prior to Appt – Do not use retinol products.

Please make sure to eat breakfast and/or lunch before appointment.

Post-Care Instructions

Post-treatment care usually takes about 7-10 days.

Day 1 – 30-40 min after appointment, wash the brow area with a water damped cotton ball and anti-bacterial soap (Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Dial) very gently. Pat dry with a paper towel. Apply a very thin layer of the ointment provided. Repeat the process right before going to bed.
Day 2 – Wash in the morning with warm water and anti-bacterial soap (Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Dial) very gently and apply a very thin layer of the healing ointment. Reapply the ointment right before going to bed.
Days 3-10 – Continue using healing ointment provided on the brow area once or twice a day.

What to Expect / What is Normal

Days 1-5 – Brows will appear darker and thicker, scabbing forms over the strokes to protect the area while healing. Do not pick or pull scabs away if any appear. Do not itch the brow area.
Days 5-9 – As the scabs start coming off, they may appear patchy (be patient, it’s just a few days, the balm will help with the flaking and itching).
Days 9-12 – The pigment under may look light or milky due to a thin layer of scar tissue, its completely normal.
Days 12-21 – The pigment will “come back” once the thin layer of scar tissue heals and strokes in the brows will darken. Whatever strokes didn’t stay we will put back at the touch-up!
Trust the process!

How to Care for your Brows

First 10 Days – Avoid hot, sweaty exercise, long hot showers, sleeping on your face, swimming, lakes, hot tubs, topical make-up including sunscreen on the area. Please wash your face with a face cloth or wipes and your hair leaning back into a bath or salon.
Day 11 – You can start washing your face and hair normally.
First 4 Weeks – No facials, botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion, direct sun exposure or tanning. Wear a hat when outdoors.

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